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The France Mihelič gallery

The first ground of the granary hosts a gallery of paintings by the academic painter France Mihelič, who left his most important works of art to the town of Škofja Loka.
France Mihelič is one of the most important representatives of contemporary fiction in Slovenia. Born on 27th April 1907 in Virmaše near Škofja Loka, he died on 1st August 1998 in Ljubljana. The picturesque landscape of Škofja Loka, where he spent his childhood years, became the foundation of his inspiration. Village life, local legends and tales, children's adventures, all this is incorporated in his artwork. He was very marked by the war. His paintings are a mirrored image of the beautiful nature and at the same time of the insensitive human evil. The symbols and metaphors, surrealist art and expressiveness depicted his vision of life. His paintings require a critical viewer who with the imagination awakens the painted images in an emotional response.