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Restaurant Plevna

Restaurant Plevna is a synonym for tradition and excellence. Our restaurant is one of the oldest ones in Škofja Loka, since its origins date back to the second half of the 19th century, more precisely in the year 1877, when it got its name. In that year the Turks, who have plundered the Balkans and presented a substantial risk, were stopped by the Montenegrin army in Plevlja. The news came to Loka came at the time when the the mayor of Škofja Loka at that time, Gašper Karlin, was sitting in his restaurant and discussed the current events with local worthies. They were so impressed by the news that Gašper named his restaurant Plevna and the name did not change since then.

The Karlin family are known among the locals as Plevnarjevi from the name of the restaurant. Andrej Karlin, brother of the landowner and mayor Gašper Karlin, was the bishop of Trieste and Koper and later also in Maribor in the early 20th century. After the premature death of Gašper, his wife Ana took over the restaurant and in 1957 their son Gašper continued the tradition. Father Gašper made it into history because of the originality of the name of the restuarant, his son Gašper because after the Second World War, the restaurant was never nationalized or closed, as he chased away everyone with this intention. ‘Everyone knew him for this brave act’, speaks about his father Andrej Karlin, the eldest of the children of Gašper and Francka, who took over the management in 1987. The Plevna Restaurant does not operate today, but the generation to come remains in the catering business, so that the name and the restaurant need no fear. Andrej is strongly committed to his family and is giving valuable knowledge and experience of their ancestors to his son Gašper.
We can certainly say that the Plevna restaurant has a really rich history since 1877. Attended by many distinguished guests, one of them, who regularly visited with his friends, the painters, was the most famous Slovenian Impressionist Ivan Grohar (1867–1911). The restaurant was known for the devotion to each and every guest and most distinguished guests came because they liked to be spoiled and surprised with advice about food and beverages.