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Our team

Our chefs, Andrej and Damjan take care of gourmet delights, and with dedication to excellence and a keen sense of taste they prepare the best food in town.
A friendly service and hospitality to our guests is taken care of by the always smiling and tidy, Gašper, the son, and the waitress Mateja, and helping them is their assistant, Maša.
The most important person, the master and the owner of the restaurant, is Andrej Karlin. Andrej Karlin is managing Plevna since 1987  and Kašča since 1995. As the oldest son of the restaurant owner, he was already endowed to once take over the management of Plevna. Known for his ingenuity and ambition, as president of the Chamber of Craft he participated in the project of reconstruction of Kašča in the framework of the Board for the renovation of Kašča. Nowadays the Kašča Restaurant has been operating successfully for twenty years and takes care for the development of the Loka culinary hospitality. Andrej Karlin has been an active member of the Chamber of Craft for many years and under the section of caterers he is responsible for the enforcement of catering and culinary standards, education and awareness of the importance of cuisine and culinary heritage.
Enjoy our culinary delights, friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere.

Cheers and bon appetite!