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Restaurant Kašča

Kašča is a restaurant with a long tradition. The Karlin family is a well-known family in Škofja Loka and we have been in the catering industry since the end of the 19th century. Our previous family restaurant was Restaurant Plevna, but today, it is the 20th year since we work and create in a mighty granary – Restaurant Kašča.
The stone granary is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in town. With its mightiness and grandeur, it demonstrates its important role, built of stone and with a strong crosslinking windows, it is maintaining its antique look. The granary and the castle were the most important buildings in the Middle Ages, because the feudal lord was storing the natural taxes in the granary, which were given to him by his vassals. Here they measured and stored grain, especially oats, wheat and rye as well as cheese. It was managed by a “kaščar”. The earthquake of 1511 severely damaged the building, Bishop Filip restored it, as evidenced by the stone plaque embossed with the coat-of-arms of the bishops of Freising on the south facade. Since then, the image of the granary did not change significantly. For its construction, they used approximately 115,000 stones, the whole structure weighs about 3,000 tons. The granary has the shape of an irregular rectangle, has 2 doors and 39 windows.
In 1963, it was declared a cultural monument. The building was restored in 1995, when we also got our premises, as the granary throughout its history was always associated with food and people.