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Dear valued guest,

Please note that Gostilna Kašča is open in March from 11:00 until 16:00.

Thank you for your understanding!
Kašča is a venerable cultural heritage of Škofja Loka, housing in its basement a restaurant, which is a perfect place for those, who enjoy delicious food with a touch of history. The Kašča Restaurant offers outstanding cuisine and medieval ambience. The prepared dishes and the à la carte dishes, selected wines and beers will satisfy the simplest of tastes and our gourmet guest. We pride ourselves in preparing traditional Slovenian dishes with the focus on the Loka culinary heritage. We also offer freshly prepared meals and lunches from Monday to Friday.

To learn more about our offer and the family tradition of the Kašča Restaurant, we invite you to the following links: OFFER  |  ABOUT US

Welcome to Kašča

Kašča, a family restaurant with a long-standing tradition and quality.
Central location with free parking makes town Škofja Loka easy to explore. All main sightseeing are within walking distance.